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Gerodontology: my new field of work

We are pleased to invite you virtually to the Kursaal in Bern on 9th and 10th April 2021 for the 3rd International Gerodontology Symposium Bern (IGSB). Follow the program online via livestream or even after the end of the program, at a convenient time for you. Please note: Due to the latest Covid-19 regulations given by the federal council, the symposium will be organized entirely online and not as planned in hybrid form.
April 09 - 10, 2021

Key Facts

All the relevant information about the 3rd Gerodontology Symposium at a glance

DateFriday/Saturday, 9/10 April 2021
Course typeSymposium (12 hours) with live streaming. The congress is held in three languages. There will be simultaneous translation into German/French/English and Japanese.
CertificateThe participants receive a course certificate.

Organizing Committee

The 3rd International Gerodontology Symposium is organized by a group of renowned experts

Prof. Dr. Martin Schimmel

Center of Dental Medicine, University of Bern

Prof. Dr. Frauke Müller

University Clinic of Dental Medicine, Geneva

Prof. Dr. Murali Srinivasan

Center of Dental Medicine, University of Zurich

Prof. Dr. Michael Bornstein

University Center for Dental Medicine Basel


Through international networking, we would like to dare to look beyond our own experience and learn from international experts how they react to the challenges in Gerodontology and which treatment concepts are successful in their hands. For this reason, we have drawn even more broadly on expert representatives and specialist societies.

Price Categories Online

Category Participation on-line Price CHF
Dentist (online) 2 days 200
Dentist (online) 2 days 80**
Postgraduate student* (online) 2 days 50
Postgraduate student* (online) 2 days 40**
Dental hygienist (online) 2 days 100
* Postgraduate students 100% (only with confirmation of their University)
**Special offer for Lower income countriesMore information




An international group of experts in the field of gerodontology will share their knowledge


Experts voice about the Symposium

Bern Congress Organiser
Bern Congress Organiser

This year the annual congress of the ECG is very fortunate to partner with the biggest event in Gerodontology in the world, the 3rd International Gerodontology Symposium (IGS). The congress theme, “Gerodontology: My new field of work” has been aptly chosen to highlight the evolving need for geriatric training to help accommodate the growing numbers of older adults in the society. This collaborative symposium will amalgamate different schools of philosophies and expertise in field of geriatric dentistry under one event. It will be a great treat for all the budding gerodontologists and young practitioners. I am very happy to be part of this unique experience and look forward to the symposium.

Prof. Murali Srinivasan

President of the European College of Gerodontology (ECG)

Bern Congress Organiser
Bern Congress Organiser

On behalf of JSG, I commend ECG for its outstanding achievements and congratulate the 3rd International Gerodontology Symposium Bern. And thank you for JSG's cooperation in this event. ECG and JSG have a strong partnership for several years. The trend of aging in the world never stops, and the role of Gerodontology is becoming more and more important. I think that much evidence will continue to be produced and our role will become clearer and clearer. I would like to cooperate and fulfil that role.

Prof. Shunsuke Minakuchi

President of the Japanese Society of Gerodontology, Japan

Call for Poster Abstracts

We gladly accept posters (Size A0) in English language. Poster submission deadline is the 1st of March 2021.


The 3rd International Gerodontology Symposium is made possible thanks to the following sponsors.